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Those of you who have commissioned pieces from me know that as I design and build your pieces I send photos of the work in progress.  Often it can be a question on how you want a particular detail done or to give a report on how and where the piece is in its construction.  I’m told the most interesting photos are of joinery before it has been glued together.  So often in handmade furniture most of the work is hidden in the finished piece so I like to snap a picture of it before the work is glued up.

Leg Joinery on the TV Console

With this blog I’ll share with anyone who likes to see the processes I go through to make a piece.  Repair projects will also be featured as well.  I’ll put up new posts and pages every week or two and if you don’t want to miss anything please subscribe.

Welcome to my blog.

David Johnson


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    • sidecarfurniture

      Hi Ellen,

      I use a towel soaked in a 50/50 blend of Murphy’s Oil Soap and water. Be very careful to not soak the wood. You don’t want water to penetrate the veneer to the glue bond causing it to possibly become unglued. Then give it a few rinses with a wet towel using the same caution. Let it dry for a few days.

      Now the surface is fuzzy so very gently sand it with 220 and work through the grits to 400. You want to keep the patina and only remove the fuzz.

      After this give it at least 3 coats of oil.


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