I know…I know…I said I would post every few weeks and here I am four months later and finally getting around to another entry.  In my defense my wife and I bought a house, fixed it up to move into it, and had a baby.  Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy.

Lately I’ve been doing work for myself, which is rare, to make a home out of the fixer we bought in Highland Park.  Here is the biggest part of the remodel done so far.


This is the living room/dining room/kitchen as it looked before.  The house is tiny by the way.  The wall had been altered to build the counter top that divided the kitchen.  Not bad but the room didn’t flow well and the altered wall is load bearing which wasn’t reenforced so the ceiling was sagging significantly.  My wife was concerned, the baby was due in about a month.  I couldn’t wait to rip out that wall!


The first thing I did was remove the dank carpet.  Ew! I loath carpet.  After that temporary walls are built to hold up the roof while I remove the wall.  I was careful to keep the old corner cabinet intact and in place.


Then it’s as simple as putting a large beam up into place on top of the vertical supports.  The roof had to be jacked up so the house would be straight and the flat beam would fit.  Having a tiny house does have its benefits, my Toyota jack was able to lift the roof.

At the time of this photo the baby was due in three weeks.


Now after a little drywall, trim, zero VOC paint and some cherry floors we moved in just in time to have a baby!  Why is it that people always remodel houses right before they have babies?  I still don’t know why and I one of them.

The kitchen’s next.

Oh yeah, I bet you want to see a picture of the baby.  I just put a picture of him on the LA Box Collective blog.



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  1. Marty McCutcheon

    Nice before/after renovation sequence. Looking forward to the kitchen remodel. Maybe you can include an account of how having a baby in the house changes, or doesn’t change, the remodeling experience; that is, if he’s still a baby when you get around to it…hehe. Hope to get a real-life glimpse, before too long, of the little house and family.
    Wellest wishes!

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