I’ve been commissioned to reproduce the letters for the Day Ray building in South Pasadena.  The letters and trellis date back to 1946 and have rotted beyond repair.  The trellis has been built by another craftsperson and I’m making the letters.  Over the years the company has reduced its name to just Day Ray so the “Products” will be omitted.

Here are the letters on my work table.  I only took what was needed so I left the extra A and Y.  From these letters I made templates to make the new ones.

It’s not a complicated project.  Cut out letters, glue them up, clean them, mount them to a board and paint but it will be cool to see some of my work in a public space.  I’m also proud to be apart of architectural preservation in my community.

Maybe I’m alone in this but I think pieces look very sculptural while in clamps.

Installing the Day-Ray sign

Day-Ray sign in South Pasadena