I’ve been busy since the last post.  Since then I’ve:

Finished the Day-Ray sign

Taught a Danish cord class at Pasadena Community College

Spoke and gave a demo at Cerritos College

Restored a set of four dining chairs.

Made a piece for the Dunnage Show with the LA Box Collective.


Here are some photos of what’s been happening…

Installing the Day-Ray sign

Day-Ray sign in South Pasadena

Students in the seat weaving class at PCC



Finally we had a show at Inheritance.  That’s my screen in the window.  We should have a post on that at the LA Box Collective blog soon.

Dunnage show at Inheritance

My screen woven in the daisy pattern

Yeah, I’ve had many a late night and now I’ve caught my baby’s cold.


2 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. Hillary Hunter

    Hi David,
    Congrats on the new baby and house. I took the PCC cord seat class two years ago at PCC and loved it. Still haven’t finished my tiny chair and very sorry I missed your latest class. Hope to take your next class. Loved the Maria chair and thought the daisy patterned screen beautiful. Always enjoy seeing your work. Best.

    Hillary Hunter

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