Dux Rocking chair before repair

I just completed a repair on a Dux rocking chair designed by Hans Olsen for the original owner who purchased it in 1965.  The pattern for the back is similar to the seat on the Hans Wegner Round Chair but unfortunately was rewoven incorrectly about twenty years ago.  I was able to find some examples of original chairs on the web so I could recreate the back to its original state.

Detail of the back before the repair

No turning back now!

Chairs that rock are great to sit in but they can be a bummer to work on since they are always moving.  Fortunately the rockers on this one are easily removed.

The chair after a clean and oil

Now the fun starts.  The spokes are first and I have to be sure that I have the crosses going in the right direction and that there are three per pair of spokes.  The pieces of cane that run horizontally along the rails make sure the spokes stay put when the weavers are woven in.

Weaving the spokes

Each new spoke is tacked underneath the old spoke, wraps around the rail twice and then goes down to the bottom rail.

Tacking in a new spoke

Now that the spokes are complete I can do the weavers.

Ready for the weavers

A piece of cane is temporarily put in to establish the position of the crosses while I do the weavers in the same way the spokes are done.  Tack, wrap, weave across the field, wrap and tack.  The tacks are hidden under the new weavers.

Getting close!

Like all weaves it gets tight as you get close to finishing.

One of the last rows

I let the cane dry overnight since I work with it while it’s wet.  Cane has a lot of hairs and fuzz on it that needs to be removed.  The quickest way is to singe off all of this.  I use an alcohol lamp which burns clean with no soot.  Experience will teach you to keep the flame moving so the seat doesn’t catch on fire!  You only make that mistake once.

This is the scariest step

Finally the chair is done!

The top left corner

Dux Rocking Chair by Hans Olsen