The small stool I make is by far the most popular item I make if you measure quantity made.  I originally made it so I could teach myself how to weave Danish cord in 1998.  Since then I honestly don’t know how many I’ve made, lots of them.

Recently I received a commission to make one in oak.  The LA Box Collective had a show with the theme of dunnage that we did at the Inheritance shop and I had some material left over.  As you can see the dunnage oak is pretty rough.


From this I was able to cut around the defects to make a stool.  Being very old the wood is quite nice, stable from decades of drying and cut from old trees.

Oak Stool Joinery

Here is the completed stool made from wood that was used with the intention of being disposed of.

Oak Stool


2 Responses to “Stool in Dunnage Oak”

  1. mm

    Hard to believe those finely fashioned pieces were hiding those junky old scraps! Good going! Nice work.

  2. Barb Moser

    Awesome job and great you were able to bring the wood back to life.

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