Finish was restored and a new seat woven in the original pattern.





2 Responses to “Recently completed Danish cord chair”

  1. Franco

    You did a great job!I have a Illum Wikkelso round chair which has cords all broken,i am living in London UK and apparently it is hard to find someone to do restoration.I wonder if you know anybody in my area able to do this kind of job or if you can reccomend me any website/video to learn how to do it by my self.
    Many thanks

    • sidecarfurniture

      Hi Franco,

      Those are great chairs and the weave on them is very advanced. I don’t want to discourage you but it’d be better to learn on something easier.

      Given the size of London there just had to be somebody. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone personally there. I do know some people in Sweden & Denmark if you’d like to make the trip.


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