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  1. Beverle Barnes

    Hi David,    Your chair really turned out nice.  Did you redo it from the start?  It is absolutely beautiful!    I’ve been thinking about brining you the chair I told you about with the broken leg.  It will need to be stablelized again anyway, and of course, I will need to reweave it.  You stablelized my other chairs like this one, and my weaving turned out pretty nice after your wonderful class.   Have you taught any more classes?    If you think you can fix my chair for me, let me know.  I just hate having this extra chair sitting in the corner and not being used.  If you need more pictures, no problem.  Thanks,  Beverle Barnes


    • sidecarfurniture

      Hi Beverle,

      You can bring your chair by any time.

      This chair was one of a pair in for restoration. One frame was is pretty good shape but the other was in pieces. I’ll get them both up on the site soon.

      Last month I taught at California College of Art and I’m working on having a class at College of the Redwoods in Mendocino. That one will be on making the stool and weaving it. After that class there will be a short class on hand caning. Once I get it confirmed I’ll put up a post.

      Look forward to seeing you when you bring the chair by and enjoy your holidays!


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