CH24 Before CH24 Front CH24 Side CH24 Back CH24 Seat CH24 During Weaving CH24 Tenon Before CH24 Tenon After


2 Responses to “Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair”

  1. Lance Glover

    Hi there – I am a woodworker who has the good fortune of having inherited a number of the Wegner CH24 and CH501 chairs. Unfortunately they are all in roughly the ‘before’ condition of the one you picture – while I can likely do the joinery repairs myself, I’m curious what you would charge to do the replacement of the Danish cording? Thanks in advance!

    • sidecarfurniture

      Hi Lance,

      The charge for just a new seat is $200 for the CH24 and $250 for the CH501. Price is per chair and I’m currently scheduling for May.



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